SCUBE – Powering Solarly

Modern life cannot exist without power. The major source of power, electricity, is mainly generated from fossil fuel which is causing endless harm to our planet. Electricity generated from fossil fuel (be it from coal, oil, diesel, LPG or even natural gas) generates at least 0.2 kg of Carbon for every unit (kWh) generations. Just calculate the units of electricity you consume for a year and multiply with 0.2 kg and you will get the amount of Carbon you are generating every year at least. On the other hand the ever-growing price of grid electricity is a big concern for the entrepreneurs as it is an integral cost component of products and services. 

Renewable energy, especially solar energy, has brought new power to the entrepreneurs by providing low cost clean energy worldwide. Most of the world famous companies, including the Fortune 500 companies, have adopted solar power in their energy mix. Lowering price and increasing performance of solar equipment has made solar power popular among the industries. According to the Renewables 2018 Global Status Report published by REN21, in 2017, the total new installation of solar power plant capacity was higher than the total new electricity capacity added through fossil fuels. This clearly indicates that solar power has been accepted widely worldwide by the governments, entrepreneurs and consumers. 

Bangladesh, due to its geographical location, is one of the best prospects for producing solar power as it has high solar irradiance. Solar electricity is not only environment friendly but also low cost as it does not require any recurring fuel cost and requires low cost maintenance. The cost does down additionally as the major equipment have long life, up to 25 years coupled with the special incentive from the government through low interest green funding for establishing solar power plants. 

Scube Technologies Limited, being one of the pioneers on promoting industrial clean energy in Bangladesh, is relentlessly working on providing the Bangladeshi entrepreneurs on generating clean energy, be it solar equipment, rooftop solar power plants, mini-grids or irrigation. SCUBE has become the largest EPC contractor of Bangladesh in industrial rooftop solar power plants. Aside from other rooftop plants, SCUBE has installed the largest on-grid rooftop solar power plant of 723.06 kWp as EPC contractor. Being the local distributor and service partner of world’s top class equipment, Scube offers the same equipment to local entrepreneurs that are being used in the USA and Europe.

Why Choose SCUBE

Finest After Sales Support:

  • 25 year's warranty on PV panel.
  • Up to 20 years warranty on inverter
  • O&M Training for client.
  • Quarterly system health report.
  • Dedicated Support hotline.
  • Most Advanced remote monitoring portal.

Faster Execution:

  • Execution from the largest ready stock of the country.
  • Experienced project managers and project team.

World Class Equipment:

  • Tier-1 PV Module(JA Solar**)
  • Tier-1 Inverter(SMA***)
  • Unique Fuel Save Controller(saves up to 50% of diesel from generator).

Most Experienced:

  • Executed the largest(723.06kwp) rooftop solar plant.
  • Executed total 5.3MW of complex projects.
  • LEED project Experience.
  • Largest team in industry.

Finest Design:

  • Most Experienced design team.
  • Advised by legendary solar power scientist and researcher Prof. Shahriar A. Chowdhury*.

International Affiliation:

  • Local service agent of world's #1 inverter producer SMA(Germany)
  • Local agent of world's #2 PV module producer JA Solar(China)

*Professor Shahriar AHmed Chowdhury is United Nations, Intersolar and World Education Congress Award winner Scientist-who is also the writer of Net Energy Metering Policy of Bangladesh. He has remarkable contribution on solar energy research,design and execution in Bangladesh.

**JA Solar is the world's #2 solar PV module producer according to the latest study of Bloomberg New Energy Finance(BNFF).

***SMA is world's top preferred solar inverter producer from Germany.