SCUBE offers Tier-1 PV Modules in Bangladesh to ensure maximum electricity yield from the panels. For its reliable performance as distributor and reseller, SCUBE is already awarded the Distribution and Service Provider agency for JA Solar from JA Solar Holdings for Bangladesh Market. JA Solar supplies 10% of the total PV modules of the world while 8% in US Market and 7.5% in the Europe. It has a company of 20,000 employees all over the world and having more than 33,000 clients. JA Solar is rated as ‘World’s top bankable PV brand’ by Bloomberg, ‘Top PV Brand in Europe’ by EuPD Research. JA Solar has significant contribution in developing PV panel efficiency including the patent of PERC technology and introduction of Bifacial PERC double glass module etc. 

The company has sold 8 GW solar PV module in 2018. JA Solar is widely used in the world across the continents in over 100 countries for ground mounted solar power plants, industrial and household rooftop PV systems. Among the major projects 247 MW Solar Power Plant in Chile, 132 MW solar power plant in Philippines, 130 MW plant in India, 80 MW plant in the USA are mentionable. World famous companies like Hitachi, Toshiba are using JA Solar modules for its rooftop solar power plants.