Solar Hybrid Mini-grid Solution

Demolishing The Electricity Divide.

Bangladesh is one of the low per capital electricity user countries of the world. A huge population is out of national grid electricity distribution due to the geographical barrier. The remote islands were out of electricity distribution line for long and the people residing over there were deprived from having the taste of light in the night to read let alone taste of modern life. Government of Bangladesh has decided to set up solar PV based mini-grids to ensure power in those deprived area to take out the electricity divides among its citizens. Mini grids are complex solar power solution that produce electricity converting solar power, distribute it through small grids and at the same time preserve the electricity in batteries to distribute in the dark hours. SCUBE is the market leader in this sector executing most of the mini-grids as EPC in different region of the country.

Benefits of Mini-Grid

Only source of electricity 

24 x 7 electricity supply

Back up with diesel generator

Pre-paid system

Major fuel is sunlight, diesel generator is used only as backup

Long system lifetime

Low investment: 20% equity. Green finance with 50% subsidy, 30% loan (at 6% interest rate)


Why Choose SCUBE

Finest After Sales Support:

  • 25 year's warranty on PV panel.
  • Up to 20 years warranty on inverter
  • O&M Training for client.
  • Quarterly system health report.
  • Dedicated Support hotline.
  • Most Advanced remote monitoring portal.

Faster Execution:

  • Execution from the largest ready stock of the country.
  • Experienced project managers and project team.

World Class Equipment:

  • Tier-1 PV Module(JA Solar**)
  • Tier-1 Inverter(SMA***)
  • Unique Fuel Save Controller(saves up to 50% of diesel from generator).

Most Experienced:

  • Executed the largest(723.06kwp) rooftop solar plant.
  • Executed total 5.3MW of complex projects.
  • LEED project Experience.
  • Largest team in industry.

Finest Design:

  • Most Experienced design team.
  • Advised by legendary solar power scientist and researcher Prof. Shahriar A. Chowdhury*.

International Affiliation:

  • Local service agent of world's #1 inverter producer SMA(Germany)
  • Local agent of world's #2 PV module producer JA Solar(China)

*Professor Shahriar AHmed Chowdhury is United Nations, Intersolar and World Education Congress Award winner Scientist-who is also the writer of Net Energy Metering Policy of Bangladesh. He has remarkable contribution on solar energy research,design and execution in Bangladesh.

**JA Solar is the world's #2 solar PV module producer according to the latest study of Bloomberg New Energy Finance(BNFF).

***SMA is world's top preferred solar inverter producer from Germany.

Major Projects