Distribution and Service Partner of JA Solar

SCUBE is the official distributor and service partner of JA Solar, one of the top 3 ranked PV Module producers of the world, for Bangladesh market. JA Solar is the PV module brand of JA Solar Holdings, which has 10% market share in the world. It has direct operations in more than 20 countries of the world with around 20,000 employees. JA Solar has sold more than 8GW capacity products in 2018 This PV module is being used by entrepreneurs and EPCs in more than 100 countries through its 33,000+ clients.

JA Solar gained the market leadership with distinct contribution in increasing the efficiency of PV panels through R&D and possesses a number of patents including the groundbreaking PERC technology. Of other game changers it has introduced the Bifacial PERC double glass module which has significantly improved the yielding of solar power. JA Solar is rated as ‘World’s top bankable PV brand’ by Bloomberg, ‘Top PV Brand in Europe’ by EuPD Research. Among the major projects 247 MW Solar Power Plant in Chile, 132 MW solar power plant in Philippines, 130 MW plant in India, 80 MW plant in Utah, USA are mentionable. World famous companies like Hitachi, Toshiba are using JA Solar modules for its rooftop solar power plants.  

As part of the agreement with JA Solar, SCUBE is responsible for distribution and after sales service for the geographical area of Bangladesh. SCUBE engineers are specially trained in JA Solar PV modules and provide support to the users from Bangladesh.